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2022 Projects

Below is the list of 2022 projects:

  •             -Northpoint East mil and overlay

  •             -Northpoint east gutter replacement

  •             -Northpoint East and Meadows asphalt sealing (Mill and overlay in 2024 & 2025)

  •             -Overbrook Asphalt sealing

  •             -Lahoma and Clark intersection repair

  •             -Asphalt patching Sunswept Highlands

  •             -Crack repair on Richfield

  •             -Road repair on Crest

  •             -Extend paved curve at 159th & Harry

  •             -Concrete repair in Overbrook cul de sacs​

  •             -Security fence at the Minneha Building

  •             -Emergency road repair at Richfield

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